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Directions to Matthew Knight Arena

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Please review the updated transportation information below and understand that we may make adjustments with SAFETY in mind.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The EmX runs right next to Matthew Knight Arena.  There is no special EmX service related to arena events.  Please contact LTD directly for more information at ltd.org or 541-687-5555.
ADA Parking
  • Where is ADA parking located?
  • Permanent ADA spots will be located on Columbia St. and inside the parking garage. Columbia Street, in front of the west arena doors, will be used as overflow parking.
  • How many ADA spaces are available?
  • There are at least 45 ADA spaces between permanent spaces at the arena and regular spaces that will be managed as ADA Spaces during arena events.
  • Are any spaces reserved or all they all first come, first served?
  • These spaces are first come first served with appropriate license plate or hang tag.
  • How much will it cost to park in an ADA space?
  • ADA parking will cost $10 per vehicle, same as all other arena parking.
Campus Parking Lots
  • What are the hours of operation for campus parking lots?
  • Those campus lots being used for arena events will be staffed 2 hours before the event starts.
Neighborhood Parking
  • Can I park in the Fairmount Neighborhood for events?
  • No, parking in the Fairmount Neighborhood carries a time limit.  Parking in the neighborhood longer than two hours will result in double fines.
  • If I live in the neighborhood, how do I get in and out during concerts or events?
  • If you live in the neighborhood, please have patience and understanding.  City of Eugene and Fairmont Neighborhood representatives have asked for restrictions that we will attempt to enforce, while being sensitive to needs of residents.
Garage Entry and Exit
  • Where is the entry point for the Arena garage?
  • All entry to the parking garage is via 13th Avenue and Columbia St. Access 13th Ave. via Agate St.
  • Where do I exit the garage?
  • All arena garage patrons will exit through the loading dock onto Villard St.  Once all safety considerations have been evaluated, a second exit through Columbia St. may be possible.
  • What are the garage hours of operation?
  • The garage will open for parking 2 hours prior to the event start time.  The garage will be posted in the morning of an event and post the time that people need to be out.
Drop-offs and Pickups
  • I would like to drop off my mobility challenged spouse.  Where can I do so at the arena?
  • For all drop-offs a pick ups, due to safety reasons, patrons are encouraged to use Villard St. near the South-East corner of Matt Arena or behind the arena off 15th Ave.
  • I use RideSource.  Will this be in place for special arena events?  If so, how do drop-offs and pickups work?
  • LTD and Ridesource will be directed to use the Jaqua Academic Center parking lot for these customers.
Limousine and Party Bus Drivers
  • Where can limousine drivers drop off customers?
  • In order to accommodate the special needs of Limousines, related to patron drop off, parking and patron pick up, all limousine drivers are required to email or call the following contacts for detailed information. Email = mattinfo@uoregon.edu or call: 541-346-5500
  • I have a party bus or other large group to drop off at the arena - where can I do so?
  • In order to accommodate the special needs of party buses and large groups in relation to patron drop off, parking and patron pick up, all bus/group drivers are required to email or call the following contacts for detailed information. Email = mattinfo@uoregon.edu or call: 541-346-5500
Traffic Flow
  • Are there certain streets that will be blocked off during events?
  • 13th Avenue will be monitored for ADA needs and Parking Garage access.  Also, the west bound turn right lane from Franklin Blvd. onto 13th Ave. will be CLOSED when Transit Shuttles are operated.
  • When will street closures take place?
  • Street closures will likely begin two hours prior to the event’s start time.
  • Will the traffic flow differently before the game than afterwards?
  • Yes.  Traffic will be directed away from the Fairmont Neighborhood after events.
  • I live in the Fairmont Neighborhood.  How do I get into or out of the neighborhood during a special event?
  • We will do our best to work with Fairmont neighbors to make the neighborhood streets safe and accessible for residents.  Please have patience and understanding as we learn how best to manage the requirements and safety considerations from the City of Eugene.
Bicycle Parking
  • What types of bicycle parking is available?
  • There are 150 permanent short term bike rack spaces for daily or event use. There are another 50 long term bicycle storage spaces. CLICK HERE FOR BICYCLE PARKING MAP
  • Will there be valet parking for bicycles?
  • Yes, for ticketed events with at least 6,500 spectators there will be 350 valet bicycle parking spaces available for $1.00 per bicycle. Valet parking will open one hour before the event and closes 30 minutes after the event's completion. Valet parking will be staffed by the UO Holden Leadership Center. CLICK HERE FOR BICYCLE PARKING MAP
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